D. Gary Young specially formulated Valor II™ essential oil blend as his recommended option and alternate to Valor. Gary handpicked this new formulation to stay true to the original constituent character of its predecessor and offer the same great experience. Valor II includes Young Living’s exclusive Northern Lights Black Spruce and Idaho Blue Spruce essential oils, along with Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Vetiver, Cistus, Bergamot, Cassia, German Chamomile, and other oils.
Diffuse Valor II for an inspiring and calming aroma or apply topically to experience this empowering and uplifting fragrance. Valor II includes the naturally occurring constituents linalol, alpha-pinene, camphene, and limonene. Along with Valor, you’ll now have two unique and powerful options that can be used individually or together for a complementary experience!


D. Gary Young特别推荐Valor II™精油混合物作为他的推荐选择,并替代Valor。 加里(Gary)亲自挑选了这种新配方,以忠于其前身的原始构成特征,并提供相同的出色经验。 Valor II包括Young Living独家提供的北极光黑云杉和爱达荷蓝云杉精油,以及依兰依兰,乳香,香根草,Cistus,佛手柑,决明子,德国洋甘菊和其他油。
散发出浓郁的Valor II香气,带来令人振奋和镇定的香气,或局部应用以体验这种赋能和提神的香气。 Valor II包含天然成分芳樟醇,α-pine烯,樟脑和柠檬烯。 现在,与Valor一起,您将拥有两个独特而强大的选项,可以单独使用或一起使用,以享受互补的体验!