Now warm and spice and everything nice can go with you wherever you go! Thieves® Roll-On comes prediluted and ready for application, so you’ll never leave the house without it! Stuck in an airplane with recycled cabin air? Working in a musty, old office space? Hosting a play date for your kiddies? Swipe on some Thieves and you’re good to go! You’ll adore its ability to purify the air, take advantage of its topical cleansing properties, and fall in love with its cozy and comforting aroma.

Legend says that in France during the 15th century, thieves would sneak into graveyards to rob from the dead and dying. According to the tales, they protected themselves by creating a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals. Today Thieves Roll-On is inspired by those legendary tales. Combining Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils, this roll-on gives you the assistance you need for any kind of day!

Thieves Essential Oil Roll-On Uses:

  • Rub Thieves Roll-On on your wrists for a fresh, warm aroma.
  • Swipe on the back of your neck as a spicy personal fragrance.
  • Pack in your travel bag or purse and use it before rush-hour traffic, long road trips, or a busy day at work.


现在,温暖而辛辣,无论走到哪里,所有美好的事物都可以陪伴着您! Thieves®Roll-On预先稀释并可以使用,因此,没有它,您将永远不会离开家!陷入了飞机上的可回收机舱空气?在霉味的旧办公室里工作?为您的孩子主持一场戏剧约会?轻扫一些盗贼,您就可以走了!您会爱上它净化空气的功能,利用其局部清洁特性,并因其舒适而舒适的香气而入迷。



  • 在手腕上搓揉盗贼,散发出新鲜,温暖的香气。
  • 轻拂脖子后部,散发出辛辣的个人香气。
  • 在高峰时间,长途旅行或工作繁忙的一天之前,将其装入旅行袋或钱包中并使用。