Tangerine essential oil (Citrus reticulata) is extracted by cold pressing the rind of the tangerine fruit. Tangerines, which are part of the Rutaceae family, likely originated in Southeast Asia and have since spread to subtropical areas around the world. Like the fresh citrus fruit, Tangerine oil is loved by children and adults alike, with its delightfully sweet aroma that can create a happy, contented mindset. Because of its appealing aroma, Tangerine oil uses include a wealth of topical and aromatic applications. Use its cleansing benefits in your morning skin care routine for an added boost or apply it to your temples before study time or meditation. Its fragrant, calming aroma also makes it an important part of Young Living favorites such as Peace & Calming®, Joy™, and Citrus Fresh™.


橘子精油(Citrus reticulata)是通过冷榨橘子果皮提取的。 橘子是芸香科的一部分,很可能起源于东南亚,此后一直传播到世界各地的亚热带地区。 像新鲜的柑橘类水果一样,橘子油因其令人愉悦的甜美香气而令人愉悦,心满意足,因此受到儿童和成年人的喜爱。 由于其具有诱人的香气,橘子油的用途包括大量的局部和芳香用途。 在学习早晨或冥想之前,在早晨的日常皮肤护理中使用其清洁功效可增强功效,或将其应用于太阳穴。 它的芳香,镇定香气也使其成为Young Living最喜欢的产品的重要组成部分,例如Peace&Calming®,Joy™和Citrus Fresh™。