(Includes Lemon 5ml)

Young Living’s Sweet Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect addition to your home. It’s compact, fresh and modern design offers big features without taking up precious counter space. The timeless wicker pattern, along with the popular Cloud Blue color, were carefully selected to accent your home décor and bring a calming serenity to your house.

Did you know? Sweet Aroma’s cloud blue color is one of the most popular home paint colors right now. Who wouldn’t love a calming cloud blue room to accent their Sweet Aroma Ultrasonic Diffuser?

This charming and easy to use diffuser will have you enjoying your favorite Young Living essential oils in no time. Breathe in the sweet aroma of essential oils with two diffusion modes and set a mood for your home with 10 different lighting options. Even if you already have a favorite diffuser, the exclusive Sweet Aroma was custom designed for offices, bathrooms, or anywhere you’d like a space-efficient and affordable option for diffusing essential oils.

  • Custom designed and exclusively offered by Young Living
  • Two diffusion modes that last up to eight hours
  • Ten lighting options that can run independently of diffusion
  • Soothing cloud blue color is one of the most popular interior paint colors



Young Living的Sweet Aroma超声波扩散器是您家居的完美选择。紧凑,清新,现代的设计具有很大的特色,而不会占用宝贵的柜台空间。精心挑选了永恒的柳条图案以及流行的云蓝色,以突显您的家居装饰并为您的房屋带来宁静的氛围。

你知道吗? Sweet Aroma的云蓝颜色是目前最受欢迎的家用油漆颜色之一。谁会不喜欢一个平静的蓝色云朵房间来装饰他们的Sweet Aroma超声波扩散器?

这种迷人且易于使用的扩散器会让您立即享受自己喜欢的Young Living精油。通过两种扩散模式呼吸香精油的甜美香气,并通过10种不同的照明选项为您的居家增添气氛。即使您已经有了最喜欢的扩散器,独家的Sweet Aroma还是专为办公室,浴室或任何您想要节省空间和负担得起的扩散精油选择而设计的。

  • 由Young Living定制设计并独家提供
  • 两种扩散模式,可持续长达八小时
  • 十个照明选项,可以独立于扩散运行
  • 舒缓的云蓝色是最受欢迎的室内油漆颜色之一