Melissa essential oil comes from the melissa plant, which is also known as lemon balm and is part of the Lamiaceae—or mint—family. Young Living Melissa oil comes from our St. Maries farm in Idaho, where the oil is steam distilled from aerial parts of the plant before it flowers.

Melissa essential oil has a grassy, lemony scent that creates a pleasant, calming atmosphere, and you can find it in Young Living blends such as Humility™, Forgiveness™, and Hope™. Additionally, Melissa is commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products because of its skin-benefitting properties.


蜜蜂花精油来自蜜蜂花植物,也称为柠檬香脂,是唇形科或薄荷科的一部分。 Young Living Melissa的油来自我们位于爱达荷州的St. Maries农场,该油在开花前从植物的地上部分经蒸汽蒸馏而来。

梅利莎(Melissa)精油具有草绿色,柠檬味,可营造令人愉悦的镇定氛围,您可以在Young Living混合产品中找到它,例如Humility™,Forgiveness™和Hope™。 此外,由于具有有益皮肤的特性,Melissa通常在化妆品和个人护理产品中发现。