With a warm, gentle fragrance and numerous skin care benefits, Manuka essential oil is the perfect addition to your daily wellness and beauty regimen. Add it to your favourite skin care products to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. You can also enjoy its sweet aroma by diffusing it, adding it to household cleaners, and massaging it into tired feet. Manuka includes the naturally occurring constituents leptospermone, copaene, and isoleptopsermone.


麦卢卡精油具有温暖,温和的香气和多种护肤功效,是您日常健康和美容养生的完美补充。 将其添加到您最喜欢的皮肤护理产品中,以支持外观健康的皮肤并减少斑点的出现。 您还可以通过扩散它,将其添加到家用清洁剂中并将其按摩到疲倦的脚中来享受其甜美的香气。 麦卢卡(Manuka)包括天然成分Leptospermone,Copaene和Isosptopsermone。