Lemongrass essential oil has origins in Southeast Asia, though it is now cultivated in countries around the world. It is distilled from the leaves and woody stalks of the lemongrass plant, and it produces a subtle citrus-herb scent. Lemongrass oil offers a sophisticated and relaxing aroma that can transform your home’s environment into a comforting sanctuary. Try diffusing Lemongrass for an aroma that can inspire a sense of clarity and relaxation for you and your family. Enhance daily chores by adding Lemongrass to your cleaning products, dishes, and laundry. By adding 3–4 drops to a sink full of dishes, a load of laundry, or your all-purpose cleaner formula, you can transport yourself with an exotic, clean-smelling boost. Lemongrass oil’s relaxing aroma also makes it a great complement to a post-workout massage.


柠檬草精油起源于东南亚,尽管现在已在世界各国种植。 它是从柠檬草植物的叶子和木柄中蒸馏得到的,并产生一种微妙的柑橘-草本气味。 柠檬草油具有精致而令人放松的香气,可将您的家庭环境转变为舒适的避难所。 尝试扩散柠檬草的香气,可以为您和您的家人带来清澈和放松的感觉。 在您的清洁产品,餐具和衣物中添加柠檬草,以增加日常琐事。 通过在装满餐具,洗衣液或通用清洁剂的水槽中加入3-4滴水,可以使自己充满异国情调,清新的气味。 柠檬草油的放松香气也使其成为锻炼后按摩的绝佳补充。