Fennel essential oil is steam distilled from the crushed seeds of the fennel plant. The leafy herb is native to regions of southern Europe and Asia Minor, but it has since naturalized in locations around the world. Fennel has a rich aroma reminiscent of anise, which gives Fennel oil its licorice-like scent. Although the seeds and oil are used in flavoring, fennel’s complex aroma has also made it popular in soaps, candles, and perfumes.

There are many Fennel essential oil uses, but the oil is popularly used for aromatic applications. Its sweet, spicy aroma has a long history of encouraging grounding feelings, making it an important part of Young Living’s Dragon Time™ Massage Oil and Prenolone® Plus Body Cream.

Fennel essential oil uses

    • Diffuse at work or while studying to create a grounded environment.
    • Reduce the appearance of pores by applying a neutral facial toner and 1–2 drops of Fennel on freshly washed skin.
    • Use Fennel’s cleansing benefits by adding a few drops to a gentle facial cleanser.

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茴香精油有许多用途,但该油通常用于芳香族用途。它的甜辣气息有着悠久的令人振奋的接地感,使它成为Young Living的Dragon Time™按摩油和Prenolone®Plus身体乳霜的重要组成部分。