(Includes Lavender 5ml)

Say hello to the world’s cutest diffuser! A humidifier, atomizer, aroma diffuser, night-light, and white-noise machine, you can easily transform your child’s living space into a cozy forest wonderland. Pair it with your favourite Young Living essential oils and feel the magic! Set Includes: Feather The Owl Diffuser & FREE Lavender Essential Oil 5ml



向世界上最可爱的扩散器问好! 使用加湿器,雾化器,香气扩散器,夜灯和白噪声机器,您可以轻松地将孩子的生活空间变成舒适的森林仙境。 将其与您最喜欢的Young Living精油配对,感受魔力! 套装包括:羽毛猫头鹰分散器和免费薰衣草精油5ml