Dill Plus essential oil provides a fresh, pungent flavor to replace fresh or dried dill in dressings and dips. Its flavor also pairs beautifully with Carrot Seed Plus and Lemon Plus as a flavorful ingredient for soups and stews. With fresh dill being a key flavor in many traditional Russian, European, Mediterranean, Asian, and Scandinavian dishes, Dill Plus can be a great way to lend a rich flavor to a wide variety of cuisines!


Dill Plus香精油可提供新鲜,辛辣的风味,代替敷料和蘸料中的新鲜或干莳萝。 它的味道还与胡萝卜籽加和柠檬加为汤和炖菜的美味成分完美搭配。 在许多传统的俄罗斯,欧洲,地中海,亚洲和斯堪的纳维亚美食中,新鲜莳萝是关键风味,Dill Plus可以成为为各种美食增添浓郁风味的好方法!