Cool Azul™ is a proprietary essential oil blend created by D. Gary Young that includes the light aroma of Dorado Azul and the warm fragrance of Plectranthus Oregano (both Young Living-exclusive oils), along with Peppermint, Wintergreen, Sage, Copaiba, Blue Cypress, Elemi, and other oils. Apply this blend topically for a cool sensation and aromatic experience. Cool Azul is ideal for use before, during, and after physical activities. Attach an AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment to the bottle and pack it in your gym bag, purse, or backpack for quick and easy on-the-go use.


Cool Azul™是D. Gary Young创建的专有香精油混合物,其中包括Dorado Azul的淡淡香气和Plectranthus Oregano(均为Young Living专用油)的温暖香气,以及薄荷,Wintergreen,Sage,Copaiba,Blue 柏树,埃莱米(Elemi)和其他油。 局部涂抹此混合物,可带来凉爽的感觉和芳香的感觉。 Cool Azul是运动前,运动中和运动后的理想选择。 将AromaGlide™滚轮配件安装到瓶子上,然后将其包装在健身包,钱包或背包中,以方便快速地在旅途中使用。