With a refreshing and rejuvenating aroma, the Young Living Breathe Again Roll-On is the perfect companion for early mornings, long days, and tough workouts. Our proprietary Breathe Again essential oil combines oils such as Peppermint, Myrtle, and Copaiba with four different types of eucalyptus—including Eucalyptus Blue grown on Young Living’s Ecuador farm—to create a powerful, invigorating experience.

This rejuvenating blend, which includes the naturally occurring constituent eucalyptol, comes in a convenient roll-on applicator, so you can easily use it anytime, anywhere. Keep it in your car, purse, pocket, or bag and simply apply it as needed under your nose or on your head, neck, or chest to awaken and invigorate your senses.


Young Living Breathe Again Roll-On散发清新气息,是清晨,漫长天和艰苦锻炼的理想伴侣。 我们专有的Breathe Again精油将薄荷,桃金娘和Copaiba等油与四种不同类型的桉树(包括在Young Living的厄瓜多尔农场种植的桉树蓝)结合在一起,以提供强大而振奋的体验。

包括天然成分桉树油在内的这种焕发活力的混合物采用方便的滚动式涂抹器提供,因此您可以随时随地轻松使用它。 将其放在汽车,钱包,口袋或包中,然后根据需要在鼻子下方或头部,颈部或胸部使用即可,以唤醒并激发您的感官。