For years Young Living members have enjoyed the benefits of Blue Tansy essential oil in blends such as Valor®, Peace & Calming®, and JuvaFlex®. Now it can be yours as a single oil, and you can discover for yourself how to use Blue Tansy as an aromatic in your diffuser, as a topical application in your own homemade Blue Tansy skin care products, and in plenty of other ways as you use and share this exclusive oil.

Blue Tansy is a rare botanical in the chamomile family, and it has become celebrated for its use in high-end, luxury Blue Tansy skin care products. Strategic, conscientious sourcing of this premiere botanical, typically native to Morocco, allows us to bring our members access to the elite Blue Tansy essential oil.

Perhaps Blue Tansy’s most unique feature, chamazulene is the naturally occurring constituent that provides the oil’s characteristically rich, deep-blue color, which appears only after steam distilling the tiny yellow flowers.

With a sweet, pleasant aroma, any use becomes uplifting—whether it’s an addition to your nighttime routine or diffused throughout your home.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Uses:

  • Combine Blue Tansy with Cool Azul™ essential oil blend and apply it topically to fatigued muscles for a soothing massage after exercise.
  • Add Blue Tansy essential oil to your favorite moisturizer and apply it topically to help soothe and moisturize the skin.
  • Add Blue Tansy to your Gentle Mist™ Personal Diffuser and diffuse it around your face to help hydrate and beautify your skin.
  • Diffuse Blue Tansy throughout your home to create an inviting, uplifting environment with its sweet, floral fragrance.
  • Add Blue Tansy to your own DIY bath salts to enjoy its skin-cleansing benefits and to help create a relaxing at-home spa atmosphere.


多年以来,Young Living成员一直享受蓝艾菊精油与勇气配方精油®,舒静配方精油®和JuvaFlex®等混合物的好处。现在它可以是您的单一油,您可以自己发现如何在分散器中使用蓝艾菊作为芳香剂,在自己的自制蓝艾菊护肤产品中作为局部应用,以及在您使用许多其他方式时使用并分享这种独家机油。

蓝艾菊是洋甘菊家族中稀有的植物,它因在高端豪华Blue Tansy护肤产品中的使用而广受赞誉。战略性,认真采购这种典型的摩洛哥植物(通常原产于摩洛哥),这使我们能够使我们的会员使用精湛的蓝色艾菊精油。

也许是蓝艾菊(Blue Tansy)最独特的功能,chamazulene是自然产生的成分,提供了油特有的深蓝色,只有在蒸汽蒸馏出微小的黄色花朵后才会出现。



  • 将蓝艾菊精油与Cool Azul™精油混合使用,然后将其局部涂抹于疲劳的肌肉,以在运动后舒缓按摩。
  • 将蓝艾菊精油添加到您最喜欢的保湿霜中,并局部涂抹以帮助舒缓和滋润皮肤。
  • 在您的Gentle Mist™个人扩散器中添加蓝色艾菊,然后将其分散在您的脸上,以帮助滋润和美化皮肤。
  • 散发蓝艾菊,甜美,花香,营造出诱人的氛围。
  • 在您自己的DIY沐浴盐中添加蓝艾菊精油,以享受其清洁皮肤的好处,并帮助营造轻松的家庭水疗氛围。