Bergamot essential oil’s effervescent citrus aroma makes it a great addition to your morning routine and to liven up your household chores. The yellow-green peel of this orange-shaped fruit is cold pressed to produce pure essential oil. While Bergamot has a primarily tart and uplifting aroma, there are also sweet and relaxing elements, making it a popular addition to perfumes. Bergamot has attracted attention for its skin-cleansing properties, and its elegant scent makes it a popular addition to luxury shampoos, soaps, and cleansers. Bergamot can cause photosensitivity, so avoid applying the oil before spending time in the sun.


佛手柑精油的泡腾柑橘香气使其成为您早上例行活动的补充品,并且使您的家务活得活泼。 将这种橙色水果的黄绿色果皮冷榨以产生纯净的香精油。 佛手柑主要具有酸和令人愉悦的香气,同时还具有甜美和令人放松的元素,使其成为香水中的流行补充。 佛手柑的皮肤清洁性能吸引了人们的注意,其优雅的香气使其成为豪华洗发水,肥皂和清洁剂的流行补充。 佛手柑会引起光敏性,因此在阳光下消磨时间之前,请避免涂油。